Hi Parents, Happy New Year! Mid-Terms begin on Tuesday, January 16th. The students have been given a testing schedule and a study guide. Please check to make sure they have this outline to refer to during exam week. We have just finished the Second Round of Map testing in ELA/Reading and Math and am hoping to see growth in these areas since Round 1 back in October. In Religion, we are learning about Confirmation and the Fruits and Gifts of the Holy Spirit. We are diving into Fractions in Module 3 of Eureka. In Reading we have been very busy comparing and contrasting main characters in Dear Mr. Henshaw and Wonder drawing illustrations, using Venn diagrams, and working on our writing skills. This Unit in Grammar focuses on Verbs. In Science we are learning about the Muscular System, and in Social Studies we will be finishing up on the Renaissance and Portuguese explorers and will begin work on the voyages of Columbus. As always, many blessings in the new year and thanks for your continued support!

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